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Summer can be the most challenging season for machinery cooling systems. With the higher ambient temperatures experienced in summer in Australia, engines often reach their peak operating temperatures. The result can be overheating if the cooling system does not operate efficiently.

A pre-season check of the cooling system is not time-consuming and involves mostly visual inspections of several primary components. Pre-season cooling system checks that should be performed would typically include the hoses, pressure cap, coolant, drive belt(s), fan blades and water pump.

When cooling systems overheat, the problem usually stems from a lack of air flow through the radiator or coolant flow through the system. If the cause of the overheating condition is not obvious, first check for the faults that are the most accessible and simplest to remedy. For instance, be sure that air flow through the radiator is not being blocked by contaminants or foreign matter, this, along with loose fan belts is the most common cause of overheating on machinery.

To arrange an inspection of your cooling system please contact AWD Group Service on 133 293.

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