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Knuckle Booms


2007 GENIE Z30/20N – 30FT Electric Knuckle Boom



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Scale Heights Safely With a Trailer Boom Lift

Sometimes getting a job done at certain heights requires much more stability than that offered by a typical ladder, and that's where a trailer boom lift comes in handy. Typical uses of the trailer boom lift include infrastructure maintenance, fruit picking and decorating. As such, these lifts are crucial for jobs that need a steady platform alongside the freedom to use one's hands, and at AWD, we have what you need.


Trailer Boom Lift For Sale

Often capital equipment is bulky and heavy, requiring greater effort to move and position than a general ladder. Moreover, while the ladder might reach a required height, it often does not ideally suit the situation. This ultimately impacts the overall efficiency of the job as well as the possible health and safety of workers. 


  • Ease and convenience. One of its significant advantages is that you can tow it and easily move from one site to another, making it convenient to use for jobs that require a stable platform and movement between short or long distances. 

  • Safety and efficiency. Purposefully designed to be safer, our models incorporate a basket to ensure your team can work on demand. Besides, the crew can stabilise the lift by adjusting its arms to accommodate various terrains and working environments. Furthermore, you can add additional safety enhancements dependant on the compliance guidelines set out by the industry.   

  • Lower costs. By utilising a boom lift that can be towed, you lower costs associated with transporting and storing bulky equipment. Added to this, you save time on the job, as moving between sites is also made easier due to the design's efficiency. 


When it Comes to Finding a Trailer Boom Lift for Sale

Selecting us as a supplier is simple when searching for a trailer boom lift for sale. Over the years, we have identified capital equipment solutions based on our customer's feedback and requirements. Meaning you benefit from a range of tried and tested equipment solutions to best suit your needs.  


  • Trailer Boom Lifts we offer. We provide two trailer models depending on your requirements. The Genie TZ-34/20 and the Genie TZ-50 both offer a lift capacity of up to 200kg (440 lbs), while the basic differentiating factors include working height and horizontal reach. The Genie TZ34/20 boasts a 12.36 m (40 ft) working height and a 5.59 m (18 ft) horizontal reach. In contrast, the Genie TZ-50 offers an impressive 17.09 m (55 ft 6 in) working height and an 8.89 m (29 ft 2 in) horizontal reach.    

  • Trusted supplier. When you collaborate with us, you can rest assured our team of knowledgeable service staff can help you choose the right product for your business. Our after-sales support and service options mean you never have to look anywhere else for capital equipment solutions. 

  • Accessibility with distribution centres across Australia. Our strategically located service centres mean you can get things done quickly and efficiently when it comes to finding parts and getting your equipment back up and running. 

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Established in 1998, we have garnered a trusted reputation in the capital equipment supply, sales, and service industry across Australia. Look no further when it comes to finding a capital equipment solution to suit your business needs.  


Contact us at your convenience, we are excited to hear from you.

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