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Updated: Aug 2, 2022

With autumn now here, it’s time to check the electrical system of your machine - in particular the battery.

As temperatures drop, engines get harder to start and greater loads are applied to all the components of the electrical system. If the performance of your battery is poor, damage can occur to certain components such as the starter motor, alternator and solenoids.

As the electrolyte in the battery becomes cold and closer to freezing, it increase the resistance inside the battery acting against the voltage and current to flow, causing the performance of your battery to diminish.

There are many areas of the electrical system that should be checked to maintain optimum performance to help get through the cooler months.

  • Connections at the starter motor, alternator, isolation switch and battery should be clean, tight and free of any corrosion

  • Cables should be secure and free of corrosion

  • Battery terminals should be coated in a corrosion inhibitor

  • Low maintenance batteries should have the electrolyte (fluid) level checked and adjusted if necessary.

Note: Top up only with distilled water, never tap water or acid and do not overfill. If the electrolyte in one cell is lower than the others or darker than the others, this is a good indication that the battery is on the way out.

The battery should also be load tested when your telehandler is not being used, the best way to ensure the battery is maintained in its optimum condition is to use a battery maintainer/ charger. These devices are typically 240V or solar powered and maintain the batteries’ charge at the optimum level, thereby, extending the life of all the components of the electrical system.

SAFETY NOTE: Battery maintenance should only be carried out by a competent person. An operator can check the battery security and water levels, however they must use appropriate PPE i.e. full face mask and rubber gauntlets. Safety glasses/goggles will not provide adequate protection if a battery explodes.

For a professional check of your electrical system, call us today on 133 293.

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